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Biomed Firm Claims it was Duped by Doc Who Falsified Prostate Cancer Findings

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The University of Pittsburgh and one of its former cancer researchers are in hot water after the biomedical research firm, Onconome, Inc., filed a lawsuit against the university and researcher alleging fraud, breach of contract, and failure to supervise.

The court documents paint a story that, if true, describes a quest to collect millions of dollars in exchange for made up results. According to the lawsuit, Onconome, Inc., paid millions to the university and researcher, Dr. Robert Getzenberg, hoping to develop and test a prostate cancer screening method. The doctor then allegedly falsified his results and left the company hanging as it tried to replicate his methods to no avail. He now directs urology research at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This lawsuit comes on the heels of an earlier lawsuit filed in state court against Johns Hopkins by the biomed firm.