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Bernero is Just What Michigan Needs – One Tough Leader

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In just a few short months, voters in Michigan will have the chance to decide the future of our state. One of the key races will be to replace Governor Jennifer Granholm, who is term limited after serving in that position for the past eight years. Although the race is wide open at this point, one candidate is starting to emerge as a strong voice for the people: Virg Bernero.

Currently the Mayor of Lansing, Michigan’s capital, Bernero is not afraid to take on the tough fight. Just last week, Bernero attacked Toyota Motors for that company’s deceptive and unsafe practices in letting defective vehicles endanger consumers. In doing so, he differentiated himself from Granholm, who took a softer stance against the automaker. Clearly, Bernero is not beholden to the "party line" and is willing to put ordinary Michigan citizens before corporate interests.

Bernero believes in Michigan’s unparalleled work ethic, and with good reason. With his blue collar background, he knows that our state’s world-renowned heritage of hard work means that Michigan will once again be competitive with the rest of the nation and the rest of the world. All this state needs is the right leader.

If you want a nerd, Virg is not your man, but if you want someone who will make Michigan WORK again, he is your guy.