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Be Careful of the Secret Dangers of Amusement Parks


Summer is the time of year for enjoying amusement parks, and in Michigan that means traveling to one of two places–Michigan Adventures or Cedar Point. Granted these places can be a load of fun, but you've probably heard the horror stories, too. It's true that there are some secret dangers of amusement parks that you should be careful of to make the most out of your trip this summer.

  • First, one of the most common dangers of amusement parks is the fact that they can hurt you more than they can hurt your children. It isn't uncommon for adults to suffer neck or back injuries as they get whipped around on a whirling or fast ride. This doesn't mean that children can't suffer the same injuries, but if you're an adult it's likely that you spend more time crunched up at a desk or have suffered previous injuries in your lifetime that could be exacerbated by riding an amusement park ride.
  • More people probably expect to hear about injuries to children, and this also occurs. From adults accidentally squishing children sitting on their laps in "flume rides" (or water rides where you fly down a steep incline at high speeds) to scared children attempting to leave a moving ride, injuries do happen. One of the best ways to avoid these types of incidents is to always ride with your children, but follow the park rules as to the best ways to sit in a ride.
  • Finally, sometimes it isn't the rides that pose the greatest danger to you or your children. Instead, other patrons can be just as obnoxious by showing up hung over and attempting to ride on rollercoasters or other rides, by refusing to put their personal items in storage lockers and having them fly at your head as you speed down a rollercoaster hill, or having them jump ahead in line in front of you (okay this last one isn't dangerous, just annoying).

Overall, amusement parks are fun regardless of the dangers. In fact, only 4.4 injuries are reported per 1 million visitors and you are actually safer at an amusement park than you are driving your car. You can read more about the secret dangers of amusement parks and also visit the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions website to view the most recent safety report from amusement park incidents.


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  1. Brian J Sabb says:
    up arrow


    Nice review of amusement park “dangers”.

    Here are 2 important dangers and they are very common:

    First, sun exposure and sunburns. Be careful not to overexpose to the sun, especially important for kids.

    The second is also in part related to the sun; dehydration. With all of the standing in lines, walking/running between rides, and exposure to the sun and heat…one has to be careful to stay hydrated.


    Dr. Brian Sabb