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KFC Donates $30,000 to Young Dog Bite Victim Kicked Out of Mississippi Restaurant


Victoria after the Pitbull attack

KFC Donates $30,000 to Family After Kicking Young Dog Bite Victim Out of Restaurant

KFC is quickly doing damage control after restaurant employees kicked 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher out of the KFC in Jackson, Mississippi earlier this month.  Victoria was the victim of one of the most brutal Pitbull attacks that Simpson County deputies say they’ve ever witnessed, with 3 dogs attacking the little girl simultaneously.  Half of Victoria’s face is paralyzed as a result of the attack and she lost an eye.  She has undergone many medical and surgical procedures to repair the damage, and has many more to undergo in the future.  Her grandmother says that she refuses to look in a mirror anymore because she is so embarrassed of her appearance, and the incident at KFC worsened her already low self-esteem.

Grandmother Blasts KFC Via Social Media

After the incident, Victoria’s grandmother, who was with her at KFC that day, took to Facebook to describe her disgust with the restaurant employees at her granddaughter’s page, Victoria’s Victories.  She reported that restaurant employees asked her and her granddaughter to leave the restaurant because her “face was disrupting other customers”.  Victoria had just finished a doctor’s appointment prior to her stop at KFC, where she wanted to eat mashed potatoes.  KFC spokesperson, Rick Maynard, says that KFC takes the incident very seriously and that the company holds a “zero tolerance” of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward guests.

Grandfather Expresses Deep Sorrow Over Pitbull Attack Following KFC Incident

Victoria’s grandfather was the owner of the three Pitbulls who attacked her.  Following the incident at KFC, reporters have been interested in hearing his side of the story and he has expressed deep confusion and sadness over the fact the dogs were his.  He says that the day the attack occurred, Victoria was playing outside chasing two cats around the yard.  Three Pitbulls broke through the back door and began attacking Victoria, breaking bones in her face and tearing her skin.  Victoria’s grandfather shot two of the three dogs, and the third was eventually euthanized.  It is clear that little Victoria faces a long road ahead of recovery and learning how to navigate the world with a physical disability.  While the $30,000 that KFC donated to Victoria will help lessen the financial burden of her medical treatment, it cannot heal the pain that she experienced that day and will likely continue to face as she grows older.


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  1. kwil2 says:
    up arrow

    you can’t help but wonder who the employee was that made this call, but Im confident in saying that it was most likely based on the region and hate motivated.

  2. up arrow

    […] KFC Donates $30,000 to Young Dog Bite Victim Kicked Out of Mississippi Restaurant […]

  3. Jerry Grosman says:
    up arrow

    It was a scam. No money should go to the family. You do not encourage scams. If you said something derogatory about KFC you need to apologize to them and the employees.

  4. pugs says:
    up arrow

    I also agree. It feels scam. If someone said something wrong. They apologize. Maybe on tv. The 30 k. Seems like they were after compensation. How come no one stepped forward to witness said incident. How come no one came forward saying yeah she’s ugly we wanted her to leave. While I feel so bad for that little girl. I feel suspicious of the grandmother. I don’t know why. I just do. Maybe cuz she took it to Facebook. And made a scene about it to get the public going.