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Why It's Important to 'Fess Up at the Doctor's Office

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When you go to the doctor, the last thing you want is to appear like an unhealthy slob who doesn't practice good behaviors. But did you know that one "white lie" could cost you your life at the doctor's office? The problem is people don't want to feel judged when they go to the doctor's office, which is a natural human response. But a Cleveland Clinic study revealed the importance of telling the truth to your doctor.

The Cleveland Clinic study found that an estimated 28% of patients tell at least one lie to their doctor. On the flipside, doctors estimate that number drastically higher, at 77%. Patients most common lies include not telling their doctor about herbal remedies they take, as well as medications. The other most common lies include those concerning exercise, smoking, drinking, dieting and exercising.

Experts urge patients to tell the truth because each of the most common "lie scenarios" could spell big trouble. For one, certain herbal remedies as well as over-the-counter medications could interact with prescription drugs that your doctor may not prescribe otherwise. And while it is embarrassing to admit that you smoke or have a drinking problem because you're aware of the dangers of doing so, your doctor may help you to drop the habit or guide you to the resources you need to do so. If you're so afraid of your doctor's judgement and disapproval, it might be a good idea to get a new one so that you can be honest about your health habits.