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Richard Carpenter MD Part II: His Lawsuit


Well we know Dr. Carpenter was arrested and criminally charged with fraud as a result of allegedly illegally obtaining controlled substances in Florida in late January. And we know there are 4 civil lawsuits pending against him in Michigan’s Ingham County Circuit Court alleging medical malpractice. Now it turns out Dr. Carpenter filed his own lawsuit mid-February against his former partners and Mid-Michigan Ear Nose and Throat P.C. alleging they wrongfully fired him at the end of May last year.

The lawsuit, case number 13-171-CD in Ingham County Circuit Court, alleges a younger partner on numerous occasions for several years made references to Dr. Carpenter’s age, now 58. In the complaint filed with the court, he goes into quite a bit of detail, through his lawyer refuting other claims his former partners made about him at the final “ambush” meeting on May 31, 2012, before putting Dr. Carpenter’s stuff out on the curb:

  • His former partners no longer trusted him and feared that he may “turn” on them;
  • His former partners alleged he used incorrect “coding” as to some of his services (insurance or governmental reimbursement for medical services is based on the “code” ascribed to the service or treatment);
  • His former partners were concerned that he might have been involved in an illegal prescription incident involving the order of massive amounts of prescription painkillers such as Vicodin (a medical assistant was fired in 2011 and the former partners wanted to contact the police but Dr. Carpenter did not want to involve the police).

The lawsuit also alleges a very different story about his health than we have been led to believe. Dr. Carpenter’s testimony under oath at a deposition conducted September 28, 2012:

Q: Can you tell us, sir, what is your current status professionally?

A: Um, currently I’m technically disabled.

A: I have terminal metastatic cancer.

In his lawsuit he claims, in paragraphs 30 and 31 of his complaint, that in early 2012 he was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, but upon receiving treatment he was given “good news that the cancer had not spread and appeared to be in remission or gone altogether.”

This has led the judge in one of the cases pending against him to allow the plaintiff’s lawyer to re-depose Dr. Carpenter, at Dr. Carpenter’s expense, after Dr. Carpenter produces all his medical and pharmacy records from 2007 to the present for the court to review, as well as copies of his application for work at the Florida VA hospital.

Since writing my last post, I have been contacted by over 3 dozen people regarding Dr. Carpenter. Most have paralyzed vocal cords following surgery performed by him. Some worse. Some simply want to share their experiences about their treatment or the treatment of their children. Some want to talk and let me know what they know. There is something very wrong here and as I find out more I will let you know. Feel free to contact me with any information you have or if I can help you.


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  1. Timothy Clay says:
    up arrow

    Carpenter did the surgery on my soft palet, uvala, and tonsils. I have had problems every since, my voice has changed, I can’t eat anything crumbly, I conastantly have a sore throat. I this burns in hell.

  2. Brion Pearson says:
    up arrow

    my son has had chronic ear probs, since infancy, Dr C has been his ENT. he has had at least 6 sx’s on his ears, for otitis media, tube inserts, & limited/partial mastoidectomy. his last sx procedure was done in “07” i believe. i always thought Dr was doing a good job, in hind sight, now i am not so sure. all of this is quite depressing.

  3. Ken Bostwick says:
    up arrow

    Everyone who. had been a patient of
    of Dr C knows how efficient busy and compa
    ssionate he is. He saved my fathers life
    My father could not breathe he diagnosed
    a large throat cancer established an airway
    then went back and successfully removed
    the cancer. We will be forever greatful.
    He is our hero and we know probably
    one of the busiest surgeons in Lansing
    He didn’t get that way by doing all these
    bad things.

  4. Jill Blowers says:
    up arrow

    I think you got the wrong Dr
    Dr Smith let a baby die during ear tube surgery
    and left the room. Dr Goebel cut a carotid
    artery and let a lady die during a tonsillectomy
    Dr Lebeda cut a facial nerve during a parotid
    surgery and only cares about money
    Dr Richardson is all messed up neglects
    patient concerns left his wife and family
    for a younger girl

  5. GYN Dr says:
    up arrow

    I have treated Mrs Mittleman for years
    I can’t believe she is married to such
    a despicable man. Although looking
    at her PAP Smears I see he had issues.
    NASTY STDs!!!! Perhaps she got them from
    someone else who was circumsized