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New Jersey Trial Attorney Wins $1.2 Million Settlement for Botched Cataract Surgery

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A New Jersey trial attorney recently obtained a $1.2 million medical malpractice settlement for a woman who suffered a botched cataract surgery that resulted in the loss of vision in one eye.

Adam Slater filed the lawsuit, Natividad Santiago v. Nicholas Trotta, M.D., et al. in New Jersey Superior Court, alleging that the opthamologic surgeon negligently performed the cataract surgery.

The damage to the patient’s eye occurred when the opthamologic surgeon attempted to inject the eye with an anesthesia by a process known as peribulbar block. Because the opthamologist failed to adequately provide proper pre-injection anesthestic, the patient felt the needle going into the eye and moved. Ultimately, the needle was misdirected as it entered the eye, causing the damage and loss of eyesight.