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McLaren Lansing ER Doctor Sexually Assaults a Patient While Nurse Watches – Hospital Fails To Report Him

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McLaren Lansing ER physician who sexually assaulted a patient is still teaching at MSU & practicing medicine at a large hospital

I have been helping survivors of sexual assault for decades.  Often, the assault involves failure of an institution to protect children and women.  I have been posting regularly about our fight to hold MSU accountable and to find justice for the survivors who were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar.  We have written extensively about MSU’s cover up of Larry Nassar’s crimes and the university’s total failure to protect young girls and women.

Earlier this week, I received a call from a woman who was sexually assaulted by a McLaren ER physician I will call Dr. John.  This woman, who I will refer to as “Jane,” was immediately uncomfortable with Dr. John.  She informed a nurse of her discomfort and asked the nurse if she could be treated by a different physician.  The nurse did inform Dr. John of Jane’s concerns, but sadly, the doctor insisted on continuing his treatment of her.  When Dr. John began to physically examine Jane, he plunged two fingers into her vagina with no warning, no explanation, and without obtaining her consent.  Jane was shocked because her medical issue had nothing to do with her vagina.  When she expressed this shock to Dr. John, he just laughed.  Jane was discharged from the McLaren ER with an incorrect diagnosis.  She went home, traumatized by the sexual assault.  Jane also had to experience the pain and discomfort of her untreated condition for several days – until she could get an appointment with a competent physician.

Jane was so upset about the assault that she went to McLaren’s risk management (RM) department and told them exactly what happened, including the fact that the vaginal penetration was witnessed by a nurse.  The RM department failed to report Dr. John, and they also failed to discipline him.  Dr. John is still actively practicing emergency medicine and he continues to be a professor of emergency medicine at MSU.  Jane received a letter from the RM department whereby they stated that the only action they took with the Dr. John was to have a medical director educate him on how to properly perform a rectal exam.

Jane’s case is another very sad instance of institutions failing to take appropriate steps to protect people from sexual assault.  Not only is this abusive physician still practicing, but he is also teaching at MSU.

The widespread reports of sexual assault by physicians and clergy are shocking, especially since physicians, priests and pastors are people who are held in high esteem and are deeply trusted.  When large organizations and institutions fail to take any action regarding sexual assault – and don’t even attempt to investigate victims’ claims – they are allowing the abuse to continue.  Indeed, one instance of abuse is tragic.  When sexual abuse is known and is allowed to continue, it is inexcusable.  If I find out there have been prior complaints of sexual abuse at McLaren that were unreported and/or covered up, I will hold McLaren accountable and fight to stop the abuse.  Please feel free to contact me and know what I will provide you with complete confidentiality.  I can be reached at 1-888-227-4770; churchwyble.com; or dmittleman@churchwyble.com.