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Kidney Transplant for “Modern Family” Actress Sarah Hyland

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The hit comedy show “Modern Family” has TV audiences laughing out loud every week, but star actress Sarah Hyland recently shared a sobering story about a little-known health issue. The 21-year-old actress, who plays teenager Hayley on the show, has suffered from a congenital condition known as kidney dysplasia her entire life.

Last month, Sarah received a new (to her) kidney after undergoing a transplant surgery. Sarah’s father Edward James Hyland was the selfless donor. This means that Sarah’s kidney is significantly older than the rest of her body, and the young actress will likely need another transplant down the road.

The process of locating a suitable match can be lengthy and extremely emotionally taxing. Sarah was fortunate to have a willing and matching donor in her family – many transplant candidates are not so lucky. There are too many patients, and not enough donors. And even when there is technically a match, some grafts are more likely to succeed than others.

Sarah is doing her part by speaking out about this issue. Consider registering as a donor if you haven’t already.