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Insulin Injection Pens Reused at Hospital Linked to Hepatitis Contamination

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Three individuals are filing suit after they were allegedly injected with insulin using the an insulin injection pen that had already been used. The three former patients of Olean General Hospital in New York argue that the contaminated pens led to their contraction of Hepatitis. The news comes after at least eight patients tested positive for Hepatitis after undergoing screening by Olean.

The suit accuses the hospital of using the same injection pens on multiple patients, thereby putting them at risk of contracting Hepatitis. However, a spokesman for Olean says that the patients are making allegations that they aren't sure of and that they are merely looking for an opportunity. He also added that there is no proof that the Hepatitis cases are linked to a reused pen at the hospital.

The suit was filed about a month after Olean warned 1,915 former patients that they might have been exposed to HIV or Hepatitis B and C through the reuse of insulin injection pens between November 2009 and January 16 of this year. At that time, the hospital suspended use of the pens and urged patients to get a blood screening. Hospital officials maintain that the practice at the hospital was to label insulin pens for each patient and that no evidence exists that any pens were reused.