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Dentist Pulls All of Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth After Getting Dumped

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You may have heard the saying 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". That is definitely true in the case of a Polish dentist who took revenge to a new level when her ex-boyfriend asked her for help with a toothache. She now faces medical malpractice charges.

Two days after dumping her, Marek Olszewski asked his ex-girlfriend Anna Machowiak to treat his toothache. She agreed, but instead of simply treating the toothache she gave him a large does of anesthetic and proceeded to pull out every one of his teeth. She then wrapped his head in a bandage and told him that it would be best for him not to remove it until he got home.

Olszewski knew something wasn't after the surgery was over, but he followed the dentist's instructions and went home. After he removed the bandages, he discovered the horrific surprise. Machowiak could spend up to 3 years in prison for her revenge.

**For an update on this story please read "Horrifying Teeth-Pulling Story an Elaborate Hoax".**