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Six Crew Members Sent to Hospital After American Airlines Plane Hit Turbulence

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Passengers flying on an American Airlines plane traveling from Brazil to Miami experienced a tremendous scare when they hit severe turbulence on Sunday. However, it was the crew members who took the brunt of the turbulence, with five admitted to the hospital due to injuries they sustained during the ordeal.

According to reports, the plane began to experience severe turbulence two hours into the eight hour flight. Some passengers described the unstable plane ride as worse than a rollercoaster, as passengers were lifted out of their seats and some hit their heads on the ceiling of the plane. One flight attendant was hurt when a food cart flew into the air, hit the ceiling and created a giant hole, and then landed on her.

Miami-Dade firefighters met with the plane at the airport and transported five of the crew members to the hospital and treated a sixth at the scene. No information has been released on the severity of the crew members’ injuries, but an ER doctor was also on board and helped to treat the injured crew members while the plane was still in the air. Passengers report that the experience was horribly chaotic and frightening, with screaming and crying heard throughout the cabin.