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Fan Alleges Brain Injury After Miguel Leg Drops Her at Billboard Music Awards

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Billboard Music Awards Show Goes Awry

Musician Miguel got a little too into his act at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19 when he took a flying theatrical leap into the crowd of fans below. The video shows Miguel jumping across the stage and essentially landing on the fan's head. That fan, Khyati Shah, is shown falling over as Miguel lands on her face, while surrounding fans help her up and Miguel continues to sing his song "Adorn".


Fan Alleges Brain Injury

Shah now alleges that she suffered a possible head injury and her attorney says that she is waiting for the results of a neurological exam. Miguel attempted to smooth over the incident later on by inviting her back stage after the show to interview him. However, Shah's attorneys also say that she was not given the proper medical care, which should've included a trip to the hospital. Instead, she was merely given an ice pack for her bruised elbow.

Fan's Attorney Says She is Experiencing Cognitive Problems

Shah's attorney recently stated that she is experiencing cognitive problems that are indicative of a brain injury. Shah does not plan on taking any further legal action until she receives the neurological exam results back from the doctor. Miguel also took to Twitter after the incident, insisting that she was fine.