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Brain Fluid Leaking Out of Man's Nose for Years

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When Joe Nagy of Arizona suffered from a runny nose, the last thing he suspected was that it was brain fluid. However, that's just what it was when he finally decided that the allergy medicine he was using just wasn't working. Nagy had a runny nose for years from what he thought were year-round allergies before he finally decided to get help from doctors as the condition progressively worsened.

Doctors were able to identify that the fluid leaking out of Nagy's nose was, indeed, brain fluid. They also discovered a tiny hole in his skull that was allowing the fluid to seep out and were able to patch it up and stop the leakage. Unfortunately, Nagy's experience wasn't without further complications before he could actually have the surgery. The first time he attempted to have the surgery, he was diagnosed with a near-deadly case of meningitis which infected the brain fluid. Finally, once he recovered from the meningitis, a doctor was able to insert a needle into the nose and patch up the hole with a bit of glue. No cutting was involved, which was much to Nagy's relief.

Apparently, leading brain fluid can be caused by head trauma, surgeries around the brain, sinuses, ears or skull, or from procedures that cause an opening into the spinal fluid such as a spinal tap. Leaks can also start spontaneously as well. The condition is called a CSF leak and many times there are no symptoms, but those affected may experience a salty taste in the back of the throat, leaking from the nose, and may develop meningitis like Nagy did as the bacteria from the nose can travel into the brain.