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$7 Million to Target Shopper Who Received Brain Injury From Faulty Automatic Door

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An elderly woman who suffered a serious brain injury while trying to enter a Target store has settled her case for $7 Million.

81-year-old Claire Putnam was simply entering Target, like millions of us on a daily basis, when the automatic doors at a suburban Chicago location closed on her and knocked her to the ground. Surveillance video of her fall also showed that the automatic doors at the Rosemont, IL Target opened and closed on her one more time, hitting her head after she had fallen to the ground.

Ms. Putnam was taken to nearby hospitals and was eventually diagnosed with a subdural hematoma that required a craniotomy and excavation of the hematoma. As a result, she was left with cognitive defects and now lives in a nursing home.

Ms. Putnam’s attorneys filed suit against Target and Beasam USA Inc, who was the manufacturer of the doors.