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Try Alternative Remedies to Help Cure Your Maladies

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Americans are more likely to turn to a pharmaceutical drug to ease their aches, pains, or other maladies but this turn to Western medicine has made us forget the remedies of the past that our grandparents and other ancestors utilized. Sure, some home remedies weren't very effective and some were downright dangerous, but even some doctors swear by natural cures.

The other surprising fact is that many of our modern age medicines came from herbal origins–for example, many statins are based on fungi. Below are some of the top alternative remedies that some doctors utilize. But, of course, it is important to check with your doctor before attempting to take any of these, especially if you are on other pharmaceutical drugs.

  1. Melissa officinalis is a member of the mint family, but smells like lemon. A tea made of the herb can help ease anxiety and provide a better night's sleep. These claims are backed up by research published in neurodevelopmental and psychiatry professional journals. The best methods of taking the herb are in tinctures or teas, although there are also topical creams available.
  2. Onions are a natural reducer of diabetes symptoms and cardiovascular problems. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in onions is a natural inflammation reducer and although apples also have this in them, the body is 3 times more able to absorb quercetin in onions than apples. Eating raw, colorful onions (red or yellow) is the best bet since heat weakens quercetin and the more colorful varieties are even better health-wise than their lighter counterparts.
  3. Cayenne peppers contain an ingredient that you're probably familiar with, Capsaicin. In fact, there is even an over-the-counter topical cream called Capsaicin for arthritis relief. That's exactly what cayenne peppers do, too–ease arthritis pain, as well as muscle pain and postoperative pain. Although you can use Capsaicin cream, you can also add cayenne peppers to your favorite dishes at home.

There are many other alternative remedies available in foods and herbs that you can try at home. Again, always check with your doctor before trying herbal remedies since some herbs can interact with pharmaceutical drugs.