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Johnson & Johnson Knew of Contaminated Children's Medicines a Year Ago

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Just last Friday McNeil, a division of Johnson & Johnson, recalled 43 over-the-counter medications for infants and children. Now, new evidence shows that McNeil knew about the contaminated medications a year ago, but failed to properly follow up on consumer complaints.

According to federal investigators, McNeil knew that the raw materials used to make children’s and infants’ Tylenol products were contaminated with small metallic particles, but allowed those contaminants into the finished product. Furthermore, documents released on Tuesday by the Food and Drug Administration flagged 20 problems noted by investigators as they inspected the Fort Washington, PA plant over the past two weeks. The Fort Washington plant is the only plant dedicated to manufacturing pediatric liquid medications.

The FDA investigation also noted a history of quality control problems at the plant, including poor methods in the manufacturing process from failing to track customer complaints, lack of written procedures, and inadequately trained workers.