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Detroit Medical Center’s Computers Crash

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OnSeptember 12, 2008 at approximately 8:30 a.m., a computer crashoccurred at four hospitals in the Detroitarea.  This detrimental system crash affected patients at HarperUniversity Hospital,DetroitReceiving Hospital,Children’sHospital of Michiganand the RehabilitationInstitute of Michigan.  Hospital staffers were scrambling to reconfigure prescriptionorders, laboratory requests, and other vital patient information.

LoriMouton, a spokeswoman from the DetroitMedical Center,stated that the hospitals “switched to [their] standard backupprocedures, and patient care remain[ed] uninterrupted.”

Despitethis attempted mitigation, many patients may have suffered fromtreatment and prescription mix-ups.  Please make sure to check yourmedications if you were treated at any of those places on September12, 2008, to make sure you were not give the wrong dose orprescription. If you or a loved one were harmed by the computercrash, please give our office a call.