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Dangers of Mixing Prescription Drugs

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Mixing medications is a bad idea; it can not only lead to feeling pretty bad, but can also result in serious health consequences. Bengt Bostrom, age 71, is an example of what could go terribly wrong if you start mixing prescriptions (or over-the-counter drugs) or going to too many doctors for your prescription drugs.

Bengt was already being treated for prostate cancer when his specialist also put him on Naxproxen to reduce his swelling. Unfortunately, the medication did a number on Bengt's stomach and by the time he went to see his internist, he required hospitalization to stabilize a bleeding ulcer. Overall, Bengt required four units of blood to stop the bleeding and it could've easily been prevented. One of the best things you can do is make sure that your internist is aware and monitoring all of your medications.

It is estimated that 46 million Americans suffer from several chronic conditions that require multiple medications. However, without the proper monitoring, mixing medications can result in serious and costly consequences–and they're more common than you think. It's also important to listen to your doctor when they tell you to avoid alcohol or other substances while taking a medication as this can be equally as fatal.