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Toyota Owners Report Persisting Sudden Acceleration Problems After Recall "Fixes"

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Despite Toyota executives’ assurances that safety recalls are solving the potentially fatal car problems, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported receiving 10 new complaints from Toyota owners who allege that the recall “fixes” aren’t working and that sudden acceleration is still a problem.

In fact, one woman who had her 2009 Toyota Matrix serviced on February 10 for gas and brake pedal issues reported that her car was still uncontrollable on February 26. The woman reported to the NHTSA:

"I was driving about 5 MPH in a parking area with my son. I put my foot on the brake and I felt the car push forward… my son said ‘It’s doing it again Mom!’”

Furthermore, a 2008 Toyota Avalon owner reported backing the car out of their driveway just a few days after having it serviced “when it accelerated on its own” and did “three loops around the garage area of the home” leading to damaged property and a wrecked car.

There were several other angry consumers that reported persisting sudden acceleration problems with their supposedly “fixed” Toyotas to the NHTSA. However, Toyota executives maintain that they are “confident that Toyota vehicles are safe” and have "received the needed information to contact four of the concerned vehicle owners and are making preparations to quickly investigate their concerns."