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Safety Tips For Keeping Children Safe While Enjoying Fireworks

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that time of year again. Friends and family gather around the
barbeque for burgers and brats, beer and baseball. But as everyone
knows, the 4 th
of July is about Independence and, of course, the fireworks!

with the big-bangs and dazzling colors, come fires and injuries.
“Beware the rockets red glare,” should be the mantra that parents
pass on to their children. And as always, Stop, Drop, and Roll in
case anyone should have the misfortune of catching a-lite enjoying
the fireworks.

ways to keep kids (and adults) safe this year include: (1) having a
responsible adult handle the fireworks, (2) discuss the importance of
firework safety with children, (3) be aware of the direction of the
wind, (4) keep a garden hose near by, and (5) make sure to use
legally sanctioned fireworks. Children should not play with
fireworks, and any use of fireworks should be done by a responsible
adult. Remember, children
and fireworks
do not mix!