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Recent Michigan Taser Incidents Cause Concern for Safety, Use of Force

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Two recent incidents involving the use of Tasers have grabbed headlines throughout Michigan and around the country, again raising doubts about the safety of the product and its use by law enforcement officials. Generally considered a "less-lethal" way of subduing unruly suspects, the use of Tasers has engendered serious controversy in recent months.

Earlier today, a young man in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, died in police custody after being Tasered. Early reports suggest that Matthew Bolick, 30, was Tasered twice during a struggle with local police officers.

Late last week, a Lansing, Michigan, police officer was reprimanded for Tasering a suspect who had already been handcuffed. Rocky Allred, 43, fell to the ground after the weapon was used on him, fracturing his jaw, chipping a tooth, and requiring eight stitches. The incident occurred back in August, and charges against Allred have been dismissed. The officer has been suspended for two weeks without pay for the appalling violation of police policy.

In late October, police in Traverse City, Michigan Tasered a 17-year-old girl following a traffic stop.

The recent spate of Taser-related injuries and deaths is by no means limited to Michigan. Injuries stemming from the use of the device have been reported across the country.

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    Tons of info on my blog. 1400 posts covering all aspects. Arguments in favor of tasers all shredded. Cheers.