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Pennsylvania High School Bans Axe Deodorant Spray After Student Has Severe Allergic Reaction

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When my children were much younger and attended MSU preschool, the building had a sign on it that read: "please don't bring oranges or nuts into the building" as someone in the building was extremely allergic. Of course we didn't break that rule, and that was that and I didn't think much of it. But now employers are telling employees to get a flu shot or you can't work here, or if you smoke even after hours you can't work here. Mayors are telling people they can't have big gulps and now recently schools are asking students to stop wearing a particular brand of deodorant spray. This raises the question, how can we be safe but not go overboard on the rules and regulations?

According to reports, a Pennsylvania high school is banning Axe deodorant spray because one of the students is apparently allergic. A letter went out from officials at Freedom High School in Pennsylvania to parents warning them not to allow their teens to wear Axe deodorant spray to school because of the one student's severe allergic reaction that apparently led to hospitalization. The company that makes Axe, Unilever, says that it is aware of the reports and is looking into any possible allergen in its products.

The student, Brandon Silk, age 15, says that after smelling the product his throat closed up three times. A nurse allegedly had to use an Epipen on him while he was being transported to the hospital to stop the reaction. This apparently isn't the first time since Brandon has experienced an allergic reaction to Axe products and doctors are asking him to avoid exposure. While this is a potentially serious problem, it still raises the question of where our own responsibility comes into play and where we need school or government officials to limit our use of certain products or behaviors. What do you think?

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