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Lullaby Cradle Glider Recalled Due To Risk Of Babies Falling Out

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A Chinese manufactured cradle known as the Lullaby Cradle Glider has been recalled due to two incidents involving malfunction with the mattress support board.  Fortunately, neither incident resulted in injury to the children involved.  The Lullaby Cradle Glider is distributed by Dream On and sold for online through K-Mart, Kohl’s, Sears, Toys R Us and Walmart over the past two years for $130.

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Risk Posed For Falling Babies

The hazard identified that led to the recall was the fact that there is a problem with the mattress support board.  It can fall out or slide out of the bottom of the cradle girdle.  When that happens a child is put at greater risk of falling out and getting injured.  One child has actually fallen out of the cradle as a result of this malfunction, but fortunately that child was not injured.

Not The First Recall For Dream On

This is not the first product by Dream On that has been recalled due to hazards posed for infant safety.  In the previous year both their Bistro High Chair and Dream On Me Bath Seats faced recalls.  The company promises a repair kit to consumers who have already purchased the cradle and warns consumers to immediately stop use of the product.

What Leads To Recall And Ensuring The Products Don’t Reach More Children

Recalls are the results of either consumer complaints or voluntary recalls based upon internal discovery of product malfunction.  In the past week no less than six products faced recalls due to safety concerns.  While some were the result of incident reports, a small number were also the result of internal discovery of safety risks, such as the Riley Duo Bunk Beds.  It is alarming that some products were allowed to remain available as the incident reports piled up, such as the 29 incidents of failure with the Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon.  Nevertheless, once a product has undergone a recall, federal law prohibits selling (or reselling) products that have undergone a voluntary recall.

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    This is very scary that there were actually 29 incidents of a product that was still being sold. It makes me wonder if these companies even care that infants are in danger because of there faulty equipment. Hopefully they are creating a tighter inspection on these products before the hit the shelves.