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Hannah Storm Continues Brave Recovery From Grill Accident, Part II

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Last month, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm courageously returned to the airwaves just three weeks after a terrifying grilling accident. Her moving contribution to the television coverage of the Rose Parade surprised many viewers and colleagues. Yesterday, with an appearance on the popular show The View, Storm showed that she is continuing down the path to recovery.

Storm suffered second-degree burns to her chest, neck, and face when she attempted to reignite a gas grill after windy conditions blew out the flames. Unfortunately, she did not wait long enough and the gas had not dissipated. When she attempted to light the grill again, a wall of fire engulfed her.

Thankfully, Storm is doing much better now. The incident provides another opportunity to review grill safety and what to do when the flames go out:

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Turn off the gas.
  3. This is the most important – wait at least 15 minutes before attempting to relight the grill.

The flammable gas used in outdoor grills is heavier than air, particularly in colder weather, so it may take longer than you think to reach a safe level.