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E-Cigarette Exploding Problem Burns People

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Last week I wrote about recent studies into the potential health risks and benefits of e-cigarettes.  I also mentioned another hazard involved with vaping: exploding batteries.  As more people take up vaping, reports of serious burn injuries continue to pop up.

Exploding e-cigarette batteries have already given rise to multiple lawsuits against the manufacturers and sellers of the popular products.  The injuries alleged are particularly severe, in part because e-cigarettes are often kept close to the skin (in your pocket, for example) and used near the mouth and face.

E-cigarettes are certainly not the first products to encounter allegations of batteries exploding or overheating.  Cell phones, laptops, hoverboards, and other popular electronic products have had similar problems.  This begs the question: If manufacturers know exploding and overheating batteries are a problem, are they doing enough to protect consumers?