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CVS Pharmacy Settles with NY Officials After Selling Expired Products

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New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, recently announced that CVS Pharmacy, Inc. has agreed to pay $875,000 in settlement costs after the company sold expired products. The officials discovered that CVS was selling expired products, including food, medicine, and baby formula, after canvassing 60% of CVS stores across New York State. Some of the expired products were over 2 years outdated.

CVS has had similar problems in the past: in fact, the lawsuit accused the company of breaching a prior agreement with New York officials to stop sales of expired products. CVS spokesman, Mike DeAngelis, recently stated that the company is committed to keeping expired products off of store shelves. However, he declined to admit any wrongdoing and also added that he is unaware of any customers who were harmed from using expired products.

Cuomo experienced similar problems with other stores in the past. The most recent case involved Rite Aid, which settled with New York officials in 2008.