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CPSC Announces 11 Additional Infant Deaths Attributable to Simplicity Cribs

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Despite numerous recalls and warnings, the number of infant deaths attributable to Simplicity cribs has risen to 11. The cribs were originally recalled because the drop-down sides of the cribs were defective. Specifically, the hardware on the drop-down sides can break or deform, causing the drop side to detach. The detachment then causes a space between the mattress and the drop-down side that babies can fall into and potentially suffocate.

The recall of the cribs began in December 2005, with more than 2 million cribs recalled overall. However, prior recall announcements named 4 infant deaths attributable to faulty drop-down side hardware. Therefore, the new announcement of 11 infant deaths represents a large increase in Simplicity crib-related incidents. The most recent death occured in September when a 7-month old child in Princeton, KY became entrapped between the mattress and crib side.

The CPSC announced the new death toll with a reminder warning to parents to check their cribs. The agency urges parents and caregivers to check their cribs to see if they are a Simplicty model that has been recalled. If so, consumers should stop using the crib immediately.