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Controversial Alcohol/Caffeine Drink Gains Attention of College Students, Attorneys General

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A new controversial drink is getting the attention of some Attorneys General. According to reports, the drink is sweet, fruity, and comes in a rainbow-colored cans, but it’s anything but cute and innocent. In fact, experts say that Four Loko’s packaging is alarmingly deceptive since the drink packs a giant wallop–drinking one can is equivalent to consuming six shots of hard alcohol and five cups of coffee.

Four Loko is incredibly popular on college campuses, especially since one can costs about $4.00 and students can basically get drunk from one can. Earlier this month, in Washington State, four college students were rushed to the emergency room after consuming the drink. Hospital authorities thought that the students had taken the date rape drug, GHB, but were astonished to find that it was really Four Loko to blame for the students’ conditions.

The Attorney General of Massachusetts is currently investigating if the drink violates consumer protection laws. In addition, the Attorney General in Washington is calling for an all-out ban on the drink. Nevertheless, the distributor of Four Loko recently paid for a study "proving" that the combination of alcohol and caffeine is safe and turned the results over to the FDA. Dr. John Kelly, an addiction specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, is terribly afraid of what will happen if more students start drinking Four Loko, since he argues that the effects of the drink can be "potentially lethal".