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Bugs in the Formula? Abbott Laboratories Recalls 5 Million Containers of Similac Baby Formula


If you haven’t already heard the sensational reports, Similac baby formulas were recently recalled because of a bug contamination–yes, you heard it correctly, there were bugs in the formula. Of course, this was a particularly terrifying prospect for parents, who bombarded Similac with phone calls and peppered Facebook and Twitter with concerns over the bugs. However, the company announced on Thursday that it was highly unlikely that any formula already sold was contaminated with bugs (to be exact, beetles) and even if babies did drink bug-laced formula, it is unlikely that there will be any serious harm.

North Chicago, IL-based Abbott Laboratories, who produces the Similac formulas, recalled 5 million cans and plastic containers of Similac powered formula as a precaution after discovering small, common beetles in its manufucturing plant in Sturgis, MI. According to the company, the beetles are a common warehouse pest and Abbottt immediately stopped production and tested the containers of formula on that line, of which 99.8% were not contaminated.

The company’s reassurances aren’t keeping some infuriated parents from switching to other brands, however. Take, for example, Stephanie Roseman of Farmington Hills, MI who says she recently switched to a rival formula over concerns that her son was having more gas problems from the potentially contaminated Similac formula. While the company may be satisfied with saying there are "no serious" illnesses related to consuming bugs, for concerned mothers it’s the difference between peace of mind and utter panic. Abbott announced on Thursday that it will continue to compile a list of affected lots. Containers included in the recall should be returned to the company at no cost to consumers. They can call the company’s consumer hotline at (800) 986-8850 or go to www.similac.com/recall for further information.


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  1. gail maddox says:
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    my daughter had to be rushed to the hospital for a fever and stomach cramps after drinking similac formula.

  2. SHERRY BOLES says:
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    I gave my grandson some of the contaminated powder and he ended up at the ER. He was violently vommiting, stomach cramps, and dehydrated at 4 months old. I still have the container and it is growing worms of some sort!! This is absolutely disgusting! Abbott will not respond to my emails where I can find out if these critters are now in my grandsons’ stomach…really lost at what to do!