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David Mittleman

State Troopers on Roads to Help Drivers Follow New Law

State Troopers Launch Campaign to Transition Drivers Into New Law State troopers launched a campaign this weekend to help drivers transition to a new law that motorists must move over or slow down when they see emergency vehicles on the […]

David Mittleman

Fiery Gas Explosion at Upscale Kansas City Restaurant Injures Dozens

A fiery natural gas explosion at an upscale restaurant in Kansas City has left at least 14 people injured and three dead. Cadaver dogs are at the sight of the explosion that occurred at JJ's…

David Mittleman

The Biggest Health Risk You Take Every Day

You may think that the biggest health risk you take every day is getting into your car and facing the potential of a serious car accident. However, with the advent of new technology, most of us…

Nolan Erickson

High-Profile Injuries Jeopardizing Football’s Future?

I’m a huge football fan. And, like most fans, I understand that football isn’t just a contact sport, it’s a “collision” sport. Part of what has made the game so…

David Mittleman

Man Who Beat Predator Priest Found Not Guilty

William Lynch, a 44-year-old man from California, was on trial for beating Jerry Lindner, a former priest, with his fists in May of 2010. Mr. Lynch has admitted attacking Lindner and was prepared…

David Mittleman

GM Worker Seriously Injured in Battery Explosion Accident

One GM employee was injured at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, MI this morning when a prototype battery exploded, according to GM officials. The incident occured at 8:45 a.m. and…

David Mittleman

Denver News Anchor Bitten in Face by Dog Says Childbirth More Painful

A week or two ago I wrote about the shocking incident of a rescue dog that bit the face of a news anchor live on television. The dog, an Argentine Mastiff, was featured on the Denver TV show…

David Mittleman

News Anchor Bitten in Face by Dog Live on Air

During what was supposed to be a heart warming segment on a local television newscast, a reporter was biten in the face by a dog rescued from an icy lake the day before by firefighters. The dog,…

David Mittleman

In Victory for Children, House Bill Fails to Move Out of Committee

On Thursday, the Michigan state House Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing on House Bill 5153, which would provide legal immunity to entities providing “child services programs.”…

David Mittleman

Clergy Sex Abuse Survivors Could Benefit From California Court Ruling

The California Supreme Court is now considering the case of six brothers, now in their 40s and 50s, who claim they suffered sexual abuse by a priest the area diocese knew to be a predator. The…