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David Mittleman

Massive Auto Accident on Michigan’s I-94 Causes Ripple Effect

Last week, nearly 200 cars, trucks, and semis were involved in a fatal crash just east of Kalamazoo on I-94.  The huge pile-up included a truck hauling fireworks, whose payload ignited in the ensuing fire.  The story made national news […]

David Mittleman

Low Speed Collisions and Traumatic Brain Injuries: Part I

Low Speed Vehicle Collisions Can Lead to a Serious Injury When  most people think of serious injuries related to a car accident, they usually assume that the vehicles involved were traveling at very high rates of speed.  However, low speed […]

David Mittleman

Slew of Accidents on I-94 Exemplify Importance of Highway Safety

Slew of Accidents on I-94 Leads to Highway Closure Several accidents occurring all within the same day led to the shut down of I-94 yesterday.  Yesterday, the first accident occurred at approximately 2 p.m. near the Parma exit in Jackson. […]

David Mittleman

$65 Million Jury Verdict Upheld in Florida for Tractor-Trailor Crash Victim

A Florida Appeals Court recently upheld a $65 Million Jury Verdict from Polk County, Florida, for a woman who was severely and permanently injured when she was 19-years-old. The verdict is said to…

David Mittleman

Family of Bicyclist Killed in Truck Accident Files $5 Million Suit

Baltimore, Maryland—the family of a bicyclist who was struck and killed last year in a collision with a truck has filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and his…

David Mittleman

Many Ways to Be Distracted While Driving, But Trucker Who Watched Porn Tops The List

As you may know from reading some of my other posts, distracted driving is dangerous. Obviously, texting while driving tops this list as one of the most dangerous driving distractions. In fact,…

David Mittleman

Tractor-Trailer Accidents are Serious Highway Safety Concerns

Any discussion of traffic safety has to take into account Tractor-Trailer Accidents. One in eight fatalities on our nation’s highways involves a large truck or semi truck. Half a million accidents…

Devon Glass

Are Double-Bottomed Semis More or Less Dangerous to You?

Continuing with our series, Steve from the Lombardi Law Firm posted on the Des Moines InjuryBoard today on semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. I will continue in that vein, attempting to enlighten…

David Mittleman

Fatal Truck Crashes Garner Media Attention

A recent spate of court decisions involving fatal truck-car collisions has brought some attention to the tragic results of these accidents. Semi-truck operators spend enormous amounts of time on the…

David Mittleman

Tractor-Trailer Tips Over Causing Another Accident On Michigan’s Slippery Roads

At around 5:00 a.m. this morning, a tractor-trailer tipped over just north of Lansing, Michigan, on I-96. The truck spilled 22 gallons of diesel fuel and blocked the roadway for over two hours,…