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David Mittleman

Florida Jury Awards $114 Million to Family of Nursing Home Abuse Victim

Polk County, Florida—a jury recently awarded $114 million to the family of a 76-year-old woman who fell victim to nursing home abuse and subsequently died on July 6, 2003. The verdict…

David Mittleman

California Jury Awards Family of Elder Abuse Victim $30 Million After Tragic Death

Jurors recently determined that a Northern California-based nursing home chain should pay nearly $30 million in damages for the death of a 79-year-old woman who was killed as a result of elder abuse…

David Mittleman

Texas Department of Aging Vows to Step Up Efforts in Investigating Nursing Home Complaints

At least one state is taking steps to create teams that would be responsible for scrutinizing nursing home complaints. Faced with alarming delays in investigating current nursing home complaints,…

David Mittleman

Ventura County, CA Stroke Victim Wins Elder-Abuse Lawsuit for $7.75 Million

Ventura County, California—a jury Friday awarded the family of a 71-year-old stroke victim $7.75 million after concluding that the woman had suffered elder abuse at a nursing facility. The…

David Mittleman

97-Year-Old Man Dies After Nursing Home Allegedly Ignored Sore on Penis

The son of 97-year-old Charles Bradley is suing the Everett Care & Rehabilitation nursing home facility in Everett, Washington after his father’s genitals allegedly disintegrated from…

David Mittleman

Cold-Related Deaths a Chilling Reminder of Winter’s Danger

In many parts of the country, this winter has been brutally cold and snowy. This icy weather is more than a mere annoyance or inconvenience, it can be a fatal force of nature that destroys property…