Lansing, Michigan


Nolan Erickson

Two Michigan Men Killed in Pair of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

The past ten days have seen two fatal motorcycle accidents in Michigan. The first occurred on October 10 in Bark River Township in the Upper Peninsula, when a 20-year motorcyclist collided with a…

Devon Glass

Car driver allegedly crosses center lane, kills two motorcyclist in Cass County

According to news paper reports, on July 7, 2010, a vehicle driven by Erick Jerome Curry allegedly crossed the center line of Barron Lake Road and stuck two motorcyclists, killing both of them….

Devon Glass

Careless driving leads to death of motorcyclist

According to reports, on June 30th Beth Schuivens was riding her motorcycle on East Fulton St. in Lowell Township when a pickup truck collided with her. Police reports indicate the truck driver…

David Mittleman

Safety First When It Comes To Enjoying Your Motorcycle

Warm weather has finally arrived in Michigan, and if you listen closely enough you can hear thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts revving their engines with glee. As the temperature increases, so does…

David Mittleman

Traffic Fatalities Fell in 2009, But Michigan's Repeal of Motorcycle Helmet Law Doesn't Bode Well

You may have seen the recent report released by the Department of Transportation that indicates that highway fatalities fell in 2009 as compared to previous years. In fact, the 2009 numbers are the…

David Mittleman

Harley-Davidson Recalls 111,569 Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Inc. is recalling 111,569 motorcycles after discovering during testing that the motorcycles’ front fuel tank mounts may leak as a result of a front-end crash, creating a…

David Mittleman

Local Motorcyclist Exemplifies Fact that Helmets Save Lives

I recently wrote about motorcycle accidents and the serious injuries they can cause. A logical and simple answer to increase motorcycle safety (pdf) is to wear a helmet while riding. A local man is…

David Mittleman

Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal. But just as likely, motorcycle accidents lead to serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries. The leading type of injury sustained in a motorcycle accident is a…

Devon Glass

High Speed a Factor in Brighton-Area Motorcycle Crash

A Hartland Township man was thrown from his motorcycle early last week, landing nearly 200 feet away and suffering serious injuries. The man, whose name was not released, was traveling southbound on…

David Mittleman

Motorcycles Require Extra Caution to Ensure Safety

At first glance, motorcycles and automobiles seem to have a lot in common. They both use gas to fuel internal combustion engines, they share the same roadways, and they must obey the same traffic…