Lansing, Michigan


David Mittleman

“Nice-Guy” Child Molesters

Nice-guy prolific pedophile predators may offend 200-400 times or more before being caught, if ever. Most don’t get caught. Here in East Lansing, Larry Nassar will go down in history as having been then the perpetrator of the largest university […]

Mick S. Grewal Sr

Michigan State University and Larry Nassar Formal Civil Discovery to Begin

With settlement negotiations having failed, the civil lawsuits filed on behalf of more than 140 girls and young women are set to proceed.  Judge Quist of the Western District of Michigan will likely set a Rule 16 Scheduling Conference that […]

David Mittleman

Michigan Funeral Home Closed After Maggots & Decomposing Bodies Found in Garage

Michigan Residents Shocked by Mishandling of Corpses and Unsanitary Conditions at Funeral Homes  Swanson Funeral Home in Flint, Michigan was shut down earlier this month by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) after investigators found unrefrigerated bodies in […]

David Mittleman

MSU – The Next “60 Minutes” Segment will be on the 20 Years You Failed to Listen to the Young Girls

Last night, nationally renowned TV news magazine show “60 Minutes” featured former MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s involvement with USA Gymnastics.  Nassar made a name for himself “treating” high level athletes, including Olympians.  USA Gymnastics claims to have contacted the FBI […]

David Mittleman

Gretchen Whitmer for Michigan Governor 2018

Gretchen Whitmer is the most qualified person to effectively govern Michigan.  She is the only candidate completely committed to a campaign, foregoing employment opportunities because the stakes are so high for the People of Michigan.  Gretchen is a young, dynamic […]

David Mittleman

Law Firms Are the Target Now; Hacking the System

Computer hacking continues to gain international notoriety as a means of Machiavellian advancement for the perpetrators and consumers of hacked information.  Traditional targets for computer hacking are governments and multinational corporations.  Hacking has replaced many types of espionage made famous […]

David Mittleman

Dumbfuckistan; Where Does It Exist?

Conceived in paperback on April 1, 2016 (no less), Welcome to Dumbfuckistan: The Dumbed-Down, Disinformed, Dysfunctional, Disunited States of America, by Ian Gurvitz, predicted our most recent election.  Ian is a Hollywood-based TV writer and producer.  My take-away is Dumbfuckistan […]

David Mittleman

ChurchWyble Joins Forces with Grewal Law

Lansing Personal Injury Lawyers Becomes Part of Grewal Co. As president of the ChurchWyble Law Firm, I am pleased to announce the partnership with Grewal Law in Okemos.  Our new address will be: ChurchWyble, P.C. 2290 Science Parkway Okemos, Michigan, […]

David Mittleman

Bill Schuette Abusing His Duty

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is Wasting Our Tax Dollars On Purely Partisan Politics Schuette recently filed an emergency application for a stay with the United States Supreme Court.  For what? To try and reverse a Federal District Court Judge […]

David Mittleman

Led Zeppelin Wins Copyright Infringement Suit in “Stairway to Heaven” Dispute

Intellectual Property Law, What is It? Led Zeppelin is not my favorite band, nor is “Stairway to Heaven” my favorite song.  It is a good song.  And I do not handle intellectual property (IP) law litigation cases but my son […]