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David Mittleman

Mutilation – Religious Beliefs or Double Standard?

The facts are not in dispute, but religious beliefs seem to be.  A Michigan doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, has been charged with the crime of female genital mutilation.  In some Middle Eastern and African countries, genital mutilation is considered a rite […]

David Mittleman

From Physician to Felon in the Name of Greed

The breach of trust we bestow upon people who work so hard to achieve it is a paradoxical dilemma difficult to wrap your head around.  But it happens time and time again, with leaders in all those special places we […]

Mick S. Grewal Sr

How to Reduce the Risk of Medical Errors

Virtually no one looks forward to a trip to the hospital, whether for a routine procedure or in response to a medical emergency. Some people hate the bright lighting and the general discomfort of the hospital setting. Others are put […]

David Mittleman

Pharmaceutical Industry Creates OPIOID ADDICTION EPIDEMIC – Then Wants to Cure It?

Opioid addiction is the most recent medical condition that pharmaceutical companies have created and now claim they want to try to cure.  Americans use the most opioids of any nation; in 2013, 16,000 Americans died from overdosing on narcotic painkillers.  […]

David Mittleman

MSU, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Michigan State University Gymnastics Head Coach Kathie Klages has been at the helm of their program for over 27 years.  I have never met Kathie and it’s unlikely we will meet at a gymnastics competition, but I know a lot […]

David Mittleman

MSU, I Understand the “Nuanced Difference” between Sexual Assault and Appropriate Medical Procedures

Michigan State University’s Title IX Office, which investigates gender discrimination claims, including allegations of sexual assault and harassment, determined what?  They determined she “didn’t understand the ‘nuanced difference’ between sexual assault and an appropriate medical procedure.”  Are you kidding me!  […]

David Mittleman

MSU Investigation Reveals Facts Far Worse than PSU

Michigan State University was named as a defendant today in our first Notice of Intention to File a Claim in the Court of Claims pursuant to MCL 600.6431, on behalf of a minor.  The Notice alleges on at least 8 […]

David Mittleman

MSU and Twistars Enabled Larry Nassar’s Ability to Sexually Assault, Abuse, and Molest Young Girls

Since my last Nassar post, we have learned the FBI has uncovered over 37,000 images and videos of child pornography kept on his computer at his home in Holt, Michigan.  Some of the videos actually show the former Michigan State […]

David Mittleman

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Liability

When you go to your local pharmacy to have a prescription filled, you trust that those tasked with providing you with your necessary medication—the pharmacy and pharmacist—are doing so in a safe and careful manner.  Unfortunately, as we often see, […]

David Mittleman

2 Mid Michigan Hospitals Identified for Unacceptable Injury Rates

Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and Memorial Healthcare in Owosso share the dubious distinction of being penalized for having unacceptable injury rates.  Under a provision of the Affordable Care Act, more than two dozen Michigan hospitals will lose 1 percent of […]