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David Mittleman

Where You Sit on a Plane Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Airplane Crashes, Zombies, and Tragic Real Life Disasters I recently watched the movie World War Z, which contained a gruesome plane crash scene that left me wondering, where is the best place to sit on a plane that is in […]

David Mittleman

Bridge Collapse in Washington State Prompts Other Possible Investigations

The collapse of the Skagit River Bridge in Washington State is prompting a frenzy from lawmakers that all steel bridges should be investigated for the potential for a similar incident. The bridge…

David Mittleman

Sign Falls on Family at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport and Kills Young Boy

After a $201 million remodel job at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport tragedy struck when a 300-pound sign fell on a family, killing a 10-year-old boy. The accident occurred Friday…

David Mittleman

Overflowing Toilets and Disgruntled Passengers Aboard Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded at Sea

A few days ago I wrote about a Carnival Cruise ship stranded near the southern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. That ship, the Carnival Triumph, was originally slated to be towed by a tug…

David Mittleman

Carnival Cruise Ship Adrift at Sea After Onboard Fire

Almost a year-to-date since the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship capsized, Carnival Cruises is facing yet another catastrophe. Apparently, another Carnival-owned cruise ship, the Carnival…

David Mittleman

Airplane Crash Leaves Three Dead at Maine Airport

In a tragic accident in Maine Friday night, a Cessna 172 airplane struck a truck during takeoff and killed three passengers. The small plane was about to take off when it hit a truck on the…

David Mittleman

Teenager Dies After Sticking Head Out of Sweet 16 Bus

A teenager traveling to a sweet 16 party on a double decker bus was killed after he stuck his head out of the window and hit it on a highway overpass. The horrific accident came after the bus…

David Mittleman

Delta Airline Passengers Discover Needles in Sandwiches

Several Delta Airlines passengers got an unwelcome surprise when they bit into sandwiches served aboard flights from Amsterdam to the U.S. According to reports, business class passengers on four…

Diego Avila

Cape Cod Wind Farms – When Agencies Put Business Interest Over Public Safety

The mission of the Federal Aviation Administration is supposedly to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world and to be accountable to the American public. According to…

David Mittleman

Two Adults, One Baby Killed in Train Crash Accident

In a tragic accident on Saturday, an 18-month-old boy and two adults were killed in their SUV when the driver of the vehicle attempted to swerve around a crossing arm and flashing warning lights…