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David Mittleman

Opioids Fraud and the FDA; Drug Makers and Distributors

Opioid Fraud and Abuse Unit Created Citizens’ petition calls on FDA to pull powerful opioids from the market.  The petition pointed to Oxycontin 80 mg and IR oxycodone 30 mg as examples of ultra-high dose opioids that aren’t worth modest […]

David Mittleman

Pubic Hair Safety Tips

From what I have read, personal grooming injuries are a serious but overlooked issue.  According to a recently published study, about three-quarters of Americans groom their pubic hair.  About 25% of groomers suffer an injury of some kind, with cuts […]

David Mittleman

Physicians Facing Charges, Including Murder, for Overprescribing Opioids & other Pain Medications

Every sixteen minutes, someone in the U.S. dies from an opioid-related overdose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   Physicians who negligently prescribe opioids for their patients are increasingly being held liable, and some physicians have been charged […]

Nolan Erickson

Motor Vehicle Recalls: Is Your Car or Truck Safe?

Automakers are in the news again lately for vehicle safety recalls.  General Motors announced this week that 800,000 of its popular Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra full-size pickups may have faulty power steering systems that could cause drivers to lose […]

David Mittleman

Choking Warning; Hot Dogs or Sausage for Children Under 4

As we approach the 4th of July and being firing up our grills to make America’s favorite summer food – the hot dog – please remember that hot dogs (like grapes, raw carrots, and gel candies) can get stuck “like […]

David Mittleman

Pharmaceutical Industry Creates OPIOID ADDICTION EPIDEMIC – Then Wants to Cure It?

Opioid addiction is the most recent medical condition that pharmaceutical companies have created and now claim they want to try to cure.  Americans use the most opioids of any nation; in 2013, 16,000 Americans died from overdosing on narcotic painkillers.  […]

David Mittleman

Liablity Waiver Will Not Always “Bounce” Your Lawsuit

Over the past few years, the popularity of trampoline parks has been on the rise.  Additionally, there has also been a rise in the types of games and activities played at these trampoline parks.  However, with this newfound hobby also […]

David Mittleman

Flint Water Crisis Has Me Boiling Over

Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman Dead Matthew McFarland, age 43, was found dead by a friend at this home April 16, 2016, when the friend went to visit him.  An autopsy was conducted but did not determine the immediate cause […]

David Mittleman

VW Announces Emissions Compensation Plan as Mitsubishi Comes Under Fire

Yesterday Volkswagen reached an agreement to help stem the damage from its emissions cheating scandal that broke over six months ago.  Under the plan, the German auto maker will either buy back or fix about 600,000 non-compliant vehicles in the […]

David Mittleman

Bounce House Death of Girl Leads to Arrests

Tragic news came out of Great Britain this weekend as a 7-year-old girl was killed when a gust of wind blew away the bounce house she was playing in.  According to reports, a strong wind pulled the safety stakes out […]