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Nolan Erickson

Why Are Auto Fatalities on the Rise?

Over the last decade, auto crash fatalities nationwide had been declining to record-low numbers.  From 2009 to 2014, traffic deaths hovered around 32,000 to 33,000 per year, significantly below the 51,000 deaths per year in 1979 and 1980.  But over […]

David Mittleman

Family Step Down Provisions Allow Auto Insurance Companies to Skimp on Coverage

No one likes to think about the possibility of being responsible for an injury to a family member.  Unfortunately, that scenario is all too common.  A moment of carelessness or a brief lapse in judgment is all it takes.  In […]

David Mittleman

Stay Safe on Two Wheels as Fall Approaches

Even as summer comes to a close, Michigan bicyclists will take this opportunity to bike to school, work, and simply enjoy the cooler weather and the beautiful landscapes.  Bicycling is a pastime enjoyed by many, but recently it has become […]

David Mittleman


Last Friday closed the last chapter of volume 31 of my professional career practicing law in the area I love: trial lawyer on the side of injured people.  The recent case I tried with attorney Nolan Erickson assisting me, took […]

David Mittleman

Michigan Drivers Beware

Michigan State Police are planning a “crackdown” on West Michigan freeways. Their target? Left lane drivers now through the end of April, according to a recent Mlive article. “Most violators don’t realize that the left lane is intended for vehicles […]

David Mittleman

Michigan House Plan May Raise Speed Limits…What Do you Think?

Earlier this week, the Michigan House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed a plan that could eventually raise the speed limit on certain stretches of highway to 80 mph. Of course, this plan goes in effect if passed by […]

David Mittleman

Detroit Auto Show a Glimpse of Our Automotive Future

The North American International Auto Show – also known as the NAIAS, or, as we like to call it, the Detroit Auto Show – opens to the public today.  The event has already been open to media and industry insiders […]

David Mittleman

End 2015 Safely So You Can Enjoy 2016

Tonight we say “goodbye” to 2015.  Judging by the top news stories of the year, most of us are probably looking forward to turning the calendar over to 1-1-16.  But there are also plenty of reasons to celebrate the last 365 […]

David Mittleman

Add Safe Driving to Your Holiday Plans

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is widely considered the busiest travel time of the entire year.  It’s also probably the most dangerous.  This year, low gas prices and relatively nice weather mean even more travelers will be hitting the road.  Here […]

David Mittleman

Michigan Senate Bill 248 Is Not Good For People, Only Insurance Companies

Back in April, Senate Republicans pushed through SB 248, which would severely limit access to important medical benefits for catastrophically injured car crash victims.  If passed into law, the bill would significantly limit how much medical providers could be paid, […]