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World Series MVP Gets Truck That Was Recalled

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As most of you know by now, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series for their 3rd championship in 5 years.  Star pitcher Madison Bumgarner turned in a number of thrilling performances throughout the postseason, including clutch relief pitching in Game 7, earning him World Series MVP honors.

MVP Award Ceremony Full of Unintentional Hilarity

That’s when things started getting strange.  During the postgame award ceremony, Chevrolet pitchman Rikk Wilde presented a 2015 Colorado pickup truck to Bumgarner, in the process describing some of the key features of the new vehicle.  The words didn’t come out quite right, however, with the Chevy official explaining that the small truck had top-of-the-line “technology and stuff.”  Since the gaffe, the phrase and its corresponding hashtag #technologyandstuff have lit up the internet, and even Chevrolet has embraced the joke.

On A More Serious Note…

While the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado may have class-leading and class-winning technology and stuff, the brand-new vehicle appears to have plenty of room for improvement.  The truck has already been recalled for incorrectly wired airbags.  While the fix is relatively simple and affects only the few consumers who bought the truck early on, the news is a reminder of GM’s infamous recall woes, which have been plaguing the automaker throughout the year.