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Six Ohio Teens Killed in Car Crash; Speed Believed to be a Factor

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Investigators are looking to speed as the primary factor in an Ohio car crash that killed six teens last Sunday. The Honda Passport was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed when veered off the road and overturned into a swamp. Five victims were trapped inside and a sixth was thrown from the vehicle. The other two passengers were able to escape and ran a quarter-mile home to call 911.

The teens allegedly did not have permission to take the vehicle, although no stolen vehicle reports were out at the time of the accident. The owner did file a stolen vehicle report on Monday and said that the teens did not have permission to take the vehicle, nor was the owner related to any of the teens. It is unclear where the teens were prior to the crash or whether all the teens knew that the vehicle was stolen. Police say that drugs and alcohol won't be considered until after toxicology reports come back.

One of the boy's fathers said that his son was coming home from a sleepover, while the mother of another boy said that her son and his best friend lied about staying over at each other's houses that evening. She later said that she believes the teens were at a party. Friends and family members describe the teens as good kids who weren't troublemakers. The mainly industrial, blue-collar Ohio community is understandably shaken by the tragedy.