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Pedistrian Killed By Semi Truck In Ionia County

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At approximately 2:15am, an Orleans Township man was struck by a semi truck in Ionia County, Michigan. The victim was near the intersection of Johnson and Wooldridge when the incident occurred. The semi truck driver told police he tried to swerve but he was unable to avoid hitting the man. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

There was also another semi truck accident on January 10, 2009, on I-94 near Chelsea. The victim was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control due to bad weather and ended up hitting the rear end of a semi truck.

Dangerous road have caused significant problems for drivers this winter, resulting in multiple accidents. Please remember to drive safely and carefully during the winter in Michigan. It’s often better to drive slower and arrive at your destination alive then to speed and increase the chances of an auto accident.