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Pedestrian/Car Accidents Have Led Lansing to Issue More Jaywalking Tickets

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In an effort it increase safety on the streets, Lansing, Michigan police officers are issuing citations to jaywalkers, a $115 fine. At first glance, the citations may seem frivolous, but with the increase of pedestrian/car accidents, citations may be necessary.

Just this morning, a Detroit area man was killed by a semi-truck on Halstead Road, near the intersection of 9 mile. About a week ago, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Donte Stallworth, killed a man as he jaywalked across a six lane highway. And about a month ago, a woman who was walking through the streets of downtown Lansing, Michigan was struck by an SUV.

Officers in Lansing are responding to complaints in the area of unsafe jaywalking. Collisions can result from the actions of drivers or pedestrians. It is important for everyone to act responsibly and safely while walking or driving.