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Left-Hand Turn Leads to Three Car Accident with Three Taken to Hospital

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A three car accident in Hastings sent three women to Pennock Hospital earlier this month. The crash took place on M-37 at Clinton Street. A vehicle traveling north on M-37 driven by Brandi Young, 33, crashed with a vehicle that was traveling south on M-37 (also known as South Hanover) and attempted to make a left turn onto Clinton Street. The southbound vehicle was driven by Barbara Bertz, 47, from Bellevue. Mr. Bertz’s vehicle then struck a third vehicle, driven by Letha Philpott, 84, who was stopped at the intersection.

In Michigan drivers are obligated to make sure that when they attempt to make a left turn it can be done so safely. Also, we are all obligated not to speed above posted limits. One of the many reasons for posted speed limits is that traveling faster than the speed limit makes it difficult for other people to judge whether or not they have enough time to make such a left turn without putting themselves or other people in danger.

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