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Lansing Teacher and MSU Visiting Scholar Survives Fatal Crash

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This past Saturday when many MSU students were in East Lansing enjoying the Homecoming festivities, 5 Chinese graduate students were experiencing the fall color changes on the way to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Linling Cai, an MSU visiting scholar and Lansing teacher, was traveling with four other graduate students from the University of Michigan when the car they were traveling in crashed early Saturday morning near West Branch. The cause of the crash was not clear, but police did not believe alcohol was involved.

The driver and front seat passenger of the vehicle were both killed in the crash, while all three back seat passengers survived. Reports indicated the U of M grad students suffered from a hip and leg injury, while there were conflicting reports about Cai’s injury with some saying she injured her arm and others saying she injured her neck.

Cai was reported to be a teacher at Lansing’s Post Oak School, teaching Chinese language to elementary students. Principal Camela Diaz said Cai was an enthusiastic and passionate teacher and he believes she will be back teaching once she recovers from her injuries.