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Lansing Must Protect The People From Auto Accident Insurers

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Our Legislature is under enormous pressure from the very powerful auto accident insurance lobby to scale back medical benefits available to injured car crash victims. These huge corporations have nearly limitless resources and can spend a great deal of time and money influencing the votes of our elected officials. Hearings in the Legislature will be conducted next week. Although insurance companies can outspend voters, it is you, the voter, who must hold your state representative and state senator accountable for his or her decision on this important issue.

DO NOT take a chance. DO NOT let your Legislature throw you under the bus. Auto insurance companies are trying to break the promise they made 40 years ago to pay lifetime medical benefits for auto accident victims. To make matters worse, they are not willing to make any concessions to consumers, despite the fact that auto insurance companies are making absurd profits.

DO NOT stand by, hoping someone else does something, while your rights are taken away from you. CONTACT your state representative and state senator TODAY. You, the voter, MUST ACT – let Lansing know that your rights are more important than insurance company profits.