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Jury Awards $6M To Family Who Lost Their 16-Year-Old Daughter In Horrific High Speed Car Crash

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It’s been almost 7 years since their daughter Kaitlin Kazanjian died in a car crash, but her parents were finally able to officially record the impact her death has had on them during a one-day jury trial that ended when the West Palm Beach jury awarded her family a $6 million verdict against the now 23-year-old driver whose recklessness took her life.

Carlos Pozo was driving his Acura at speeds of up to 100-miles-per hour with young Kaitlin sitting in the passenger seat. He lost control of his vehicle and collided into a tree, splitting the vehicle in half. Mr. Pozo suffered minor physical injury while Kaitlin was killed in the accident. Mr. Pozo faced criminal charges and was ultimately sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison back in 2005, which he did not begin to serve until this February while he stayed out of jail on bond while he attempted unsucessfully to appeal his conviction.

When he is released Mr. Pozo be facing a $6 million judgment and while he has no way to pay for such a judgment, Kaitlin’s father states "it wasn’t about the money." Instead, Mr. Kazanjian wanted to be able to "get everything on the record" and let the world officially know how great of a daughter Kaitlin was and how much the world lost on that November day.