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It’s Time To Update Child Seat Safety

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President Obama’s new Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, has announced that the Department will conduct a complete top to bottom review of child safety seat regulations after the recent discovery that 31 out of 66 infant car seats tested in 2008 model year vehicles either flew off their bases or exceeded injury limits.

Among some of the worse performing child safety seats was a product called the Graco Safe Seat. Graco was one of the same companies we informed you about previously as creating a poorly rated car seat as rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Not surprisingly, Graco’s parent company is calling the results of the crash test "purely experimental."

But with 63 babies dying in 2007 and 7,000 other children suffering injuries in a car crash where they were strapped into infant restraints, cautious parents are likely to consider Graco’s claims, and the claims of other manufacturers on the hot seat, purely rubbish.