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Governor Granholm to Sign Texting While Driving Ban Today Live on Oprah Winfrey Show

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Michigan roads will be a lot safer starting on July 1 when the new law banning typing, reading, or sending text messages while driving goes into effect. The state House passed the third and final bill banning texting while driving on Wednesday by an 82-22 vote. The legislation has already passed Senate approval is headed to Governor Granholm for her signature, which she is scheduled to do via satellite on the Oprah Winfrey Show today.

According to the stipulations of the new law, a first offense of texting while driving will result in a $100 fine. However, repeat offenses will cost $200, although no points will accrue to a driver’s record. Texting will be a primary offense, meaning police could pull over motorists solely for using their cell phones to send text messages.

The texting ban drew some opposition from Republicans—who argued that the law was an infringement on personal liberties, as well as Democrats—who argued that the law would give police the option to pull drivers over for little or no reason. But Michigan isn’t the only state to move towards some restrictions on texting while driving, a dangerous driving distraction. In fact, more than half of the states have already adopted measures to ban texting while driving and several more are in the process of passing laws to stop the behavior. Furthermore, the federal government has sought to stop distracted driving caused by texting and has urged states to pass laws against it. Oprah Winfrey has also taken a stand against texting and driving, thus the reason Governor Granholm will be featured during today’s show on distracted driving.

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    I always prefer to use free online texting sites like http://clickatext.com because no matter how many laws ban texting, people will always try to get away with it because they think no law enforcement officer is going to see a small device in their hand. At least not until they wreck.