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Four Mothers Die in Horrific Car Crash

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Having just left Chicago, where I watched my daughter Hannah get hooded and walk for her her Master's of Social Work degree from Loyola University, a horrible story caught my eye. A speeding car with four mothers traveling inside hit the beam of a elevated train track and crashed with so much force that it instantly killed three of the four women. The last woman died early last Sunday morning after being transported to the hospital.

The four women were apparently headed to a party on Saturday night when the car struck a cement beam that supports Chicago Transit Authority train tracks. The car hit the beam with such force that it split the car in half before it ultimately crashed into a light pole. Police are investigating the accident, which happened shortly after midnight Sunday.

All of the women inside were in their 20s and included Tyshyra Hines, 21; Bernadette Harris, 25; Alicia Josten, 22; and Leshia Nelson, 21. The women left behind a total of six children. Images from the accident depict a car mangled beyond recognition into a pile of metal.